World War II Veteran Bob (Robert) Holbach Honored

Bob Holbach, 98 (Class of January 1943) was featured in BOTH the Chicago Tribune on 11/12/2022 and Chicago Sun Times on 11/11/2022! We Salute you Bob! Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

World War II veteran Bob Holbach, 98, attended the annual Veterans Day Commemoration Ceremony at Soldier Field.

“We’re well known now, us World War II vets, because there’s so few of us left. It’s very rewarding being here. I really enjoy this. A little old corporal like me,” said Bob Holbach, 98.”

Media Sources:

ABC7 Chicago Video

Bob Holbach, 98 (Class of January 1943)
Bob Holbach, 98 (Class of January 1943)
© Brian Rich/Sun-Times
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