May I update my contact information if I am NOT a member of the Alumni Association?
YES!  We encourage both Alumni Members and NON-Members to update their contact information.  When a reunion is being planned, the contact information supplied by the Alumni Association is the primary source for contacting classmates.

I didn’t graduate from Steinmetz(either dropped out or changed schools), can I still join?
Yes, you are part of the alumni! Join us to keep up to date on the latest events, message boards, etc.

I worked at Steinmetz, can I still join?
Yes, you are part of the alumni!

How do I become a member of the Steinmetz Alumni Association?
To Join or Renew, visit the Join or Renew Page. You have the option of renewing online, or downloading and mailing in a paper form with your check or money order.  We cannot accept credit card payments with the paper form.

Membership Fees
5-Year Membership for $25.00
2-Year Membership for $12.00
Lifetime Membership for $250

Can I get copies of yearbooks?
The Steinmetz Alumni Association has a library of yearbooks that have been acquired solely from donations from alumni and the school. We cannot guarantee that we have the yearbook you may be looking for. Yearbooks are available to members of the Alumni Association ONLY. Please Contact us for more details.

How do I let the Alumni Association know that I have started to organize my class reunion?
Please email us your information!
1. Go to the Contact us Page
2. Select “Reunions”
3. In the “Message” section, give us all the details you have so far. Please make sure to include the year,date, time, cost, and location.
4. Click “Send”, and your done!  You should hear from an officer in 5-7 days.

The Alumni Association has several helpful documents and resources for planning a successful reunion. The first of which is our Planning a Reunion Page. Other helpful documents we can provide are budget spreadsheets, lists of tasks that need to be completed, sample invitations and other helpful information. Contact us and we will be happy to email these helpful tips and forms to you.

Do I have to be a member of the Association to view the upcoming reunions?
NO.  Anyone can view the Reunions section of this site.

Why do you ask for my Spouse or Live-In Partner’s information on the membership form?
This information is very helpful to reunion organizers.  People often move and it is difficult to find classmates.  This is especially true of our women classmates.  By having the information of your spouse or Live-In Partner, reunion organizers have a better chance of finding their classmates.

This information is NOT required, but we encourage our classmates to supply this information.

How can I get in contact with one of my old friends?
This is ONLY available to Alumni Members.  Send us an email, asking us to help you find your old friend. If we have contact information, we will contact them for you.  We will give them your contact information, and if they choose to respond, they will contact you.  We are currently working on a paid member only section of this website where you will be able to access classmate and Alumni information if you are a member of the Association. As an alternative, you could try to see if they are possibly on our Facebook Group.

Why don’t you put class news up on the website?
We may occasionally post some class news here, but not everything due to privacy concerns. This is ONLY available to PAID Alumni Members who subscribe to our printed Quarterly newsletter. 

How can I volunteer to help at events, such as the Alumni Picnic?
Sure! Please check out the Volunteer page for more information!

How are alumni selected for the Alumni Spotlight feature?
We currently have a list of notables from previous Steinmetz literature and information packets given out at previous Alumni functions. We also take suggestions from Alumni (see next question).

How do I nominate or suggest an Alumni for the Alumni Spotlight feature?
1. Click on “CONTACT US
2. Select “Alumni Spotlight”.
3. Fill in the info, and click “send” to send us you suggestion!

How can I view all the Alumni Spotlights that have been written?
1. Click on “Alumni”
2. Click on “Alumni Spotlight

How do I nominate an Alumni for the Hall of Fame?
Please see our Hall of Fame Information page for all the details.

Any other questions, please contact us.