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What is the Steinmetz Hall of Fame?
The Steinmetz Hall of Fame honors those graduates that have notable accomplishments and contributions to society.
Candidate must have notable accomplishments in their careers, recognized by their peers, be involved in volunteerism, community service, or other philanthropic activity. Candidates must have made a notable impact in their communities or career.

How do I nominate someone for the Steinmetz Hall of Fame?
Nominations for consideration into the Steinmetz Hall of Fame may be by committee members and/or by public nominations. Nominations may be submitted to committee in writing via mailed paper or electronic correspondence and forms (Email).

You can mail nominations to:
Steinmetz Alumni Association
ATTN: Hall Of Fame Committee
3030 N Mobile Ave
Chicago, IL 60634

You can also email us your nomination via our Contact Page.  Just make sure to check the “Alumni Spotlight/Hall of Fame” box.

How often do you have inductions?
Ideally, the committee shall elect at least four candidates for induction every two years.

Where are the induction ceremonies?
An induction ceremony shall be conducted about every two years at Steinmetz College Prep on a date that is predetermined to be best for the Association and the school. Ideally we would like to have our ceremonies in conjunction with another school event such as Steinmetz Fest.

Where is the Steinmetz Hall of Fame display?
The hall of fame display is located on the first floor of the school across from room 103.

Who is on the Steinmetz Hall of Fame Committee?
The process is governed by a selection committee made up of Steinmetz Alumni Officers and Governors who will be responsible for electing individuals into the Hall of Fame.

Dan Altobello (June 1976, Alumni Association President)
May Nelson (June 1949, Alumni Association Treasurer)
Joann Hinz Taylor (June 1975, Alumni Association V.P.)
Jennifer Wasacz (June 1995, Alumni Association Web/Social Media)

Can I join the committee? How can I help?
Sure! You must be able to make our committee meetings and participate in regular email communications between meetings.  Contact us if you would like to be a part of the committee.

Any other questions?  Please feel free to Contact us!