Board of Governors Meetings

Did you know that all Alumni Members are invited to the monthly Association/Board of Governors meetings?

It’s TRUE! Here is your chance to become involved in YOUR Alumni Association. Some of the benefits of attending the meetings are:

  • Get the latest Alumni information on reunions, events and more.
  • Consider joining committees such as: Activities, Membership, Reunions and Newsletter, to name a few.
  • Step up and be a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Correspondence Secretary, and other officer positions.

If you become a governor and represent your class, you can become even more involved. For more information on being a governor click here.

When are the meetings?
7:15 PM on the 3rd Monday of every month (Sept. thru June only)

SAA Meeting Location MapWhere are they held?
Elmwood Park Recreational Center
2 Conti Parkway
Elmwood Park, IL








NOTE: If the Park is closed for a holiday, we meet here:
Elmwood Park Library
1 Conti Pkwy
Elmwood Park, IL 60707

For more information, contact us.


  • Annual Picnic Mailing- SATURDAY, March 30th at 9am ROTC room Steinmetz College Prep 3030 N Mobile Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60634
  • STEINMETZ CELEBRATION- SAVE THE DATE SATURDAY MAY 18th, 2019 Together with the school, help the alumni association celebrate the 85th anniversary of Steinmetz and the dedication of the new fields at Steinmetz Fest! This fun-filled event will be for family, friends and the neighborhood and is talking the place of our annual picnic. WE WILL NOT BE AT THE PICNIC GROVE THIS JUNE.

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