2017 Hall of Fame Ceremony Photos

We want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone on the Hall of Fame committee. Saturday, October 21, 2017 was such an amazing experience for our inductees, and they all had a great time. Everyone on the committee played a role in making the ceremony a success! Special thanks to all Mr. Stephen Ngo and Jaime Jaramillo, and Steinmetz Staff, for the use of the school for this lovely occasion. Special thanks to the ROTC, SFC Davis and Col. Banes for making the ceremony extra special. The ceremony would not have been successful if not for everyone’s dedication and cooperation – THANK YOU!

The ceremony was very lighthearted, and at times incredibly moving. There probably wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the barbershop quartet performed “In Flanders Fields” which Peter Mitchell wrote the music too. In attendance was Dr. Baran, David Wians, and Frank Hood, all giving acceptance speeches. Also present were family and friends of Peter Mitchell and Gary Scholz. Unfortunately, no family of for Mr. Burdick was able to make it.

To the inductees and their families, it wasn’t about how many people were in the auditorium that day, but more about seeing the school again and sharing the special day with family, friends and fellow classmates. Just being honored was special and deeply meaningful to each of them. It was so nice speaking with all the Hall of Fame inductees, listening to their stores and getting to know them on a personal level. Hearing about their lives and getting “the rest of the story”.

Friendships were developed, generation gaps nonexistent that day. It was classmates talking to classmates and sharing their own memories and stories of their years at Steinmetz.

It’s this personal connection with the inductees is truly important to all Alumni, and next time we do this, hopefully we will have more time to establish it with our future candidates. With every ceremony, we learn and grow – knowing what works and what doesn’t will make future ceremonies more meaningful and memorable.

CONGRATULATIONS to all our 2017 Hall of Fame Class inductees, and a BIG THANK YOU to family and friends whom attended the ceremony. It was truly a memorable day for all.