1 Year Before the Reunion or Sooner

Get Organized !!

  1. Contact the Alumni Association!!! Use the Contact Us page and select “Reunions” from the drop down menu and let us know that you are planning a reunion. Please include all contact information!
  2. When starting to plan your reunion,make sure that you have contacted all the appropriate class officers to avoid having two different committees planning the same reunion.   (You may laugh, but this happens and it’s not fun when the class to receives invitations with different days for the same reunion).  Always make sure your Class President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer have been all been contacted to avoid such a situation.
  3. Set up committee, collect seed money, begin people search.
    1. Determine who will be the Reunion Chairman.  This person will schedule and facilitate meetings.  They usually will do the public speaking and MC at the reunion.  Included in this are: the welcome introduction and thanks to the reunion committee, dinner announcement and a moment of silence for deceased classmates, awards and announcements.
    2. The Treasurer will- to keep track of budgeting, funds collected, bills, payments and receipts. It is recommended to have two signatures required on your checking account so payments are agreed to by at least two people before they are made.
  4. Once a committee is formed, contact the Alumni Association for a class list
  5. Decide when and where to have reunion – Contact the Alumni Association with the location, date, time and any other details about your reunions.
  6. Create a Budget
    1. Set up budget and select ticket price (Examples of Budget items are located in this section)

The Foundation

  1. Send first announcement via First Class Mail or email.
  2. Hint: When the words “Return Service Requested” is written above the address, the Post Office will return the item with new address or reason for nondelivery attached (in either case, no charge).
  3. Hint: use a bright colored label to get the attention of your classmates.
  4. If you have a problem with needing money to start your reunion – (mailing your first notice is expensive) – have a planning meeting and ask each attendee to pre-pay their ticket fee.  Make your reunion self-supporting by planning ahead!
  5. Post your reunion information on as many websites as you can, Ask the alumni association to post your event on our website, Yahoo Group,  and Facebook Page.  Many local newspapers also allow you to print your reunion information for free.  Remember to include the date, time, location, price and contact information.
  6. Request personal biographies, pictures, etc. for handouts and memory albums
  7. Select entertainment and photographer
  8. Plan events, activities and games
  9. Design a slide show or video
  10. Open bank account
  11. Make files and organize paperwork

9 Months Before the Reunion

Create an Ambiance

  1. Create and order mementos and souvenirs, memory albums, name tags, etc.
  2. Design and order tickets and acknowledgment postcards
  3. Consider possible social action project
  4. Hire videographer/photographer
  5. Edit personal histories, videos or other reunion handout or display
  6. Seek businesses to donate to the reunion.  (Perhaps “sell” advertisement space in your Reunion Book”.

Getting People There

  1. Meet with committee regularly to make phone calls or exchange emails
  2. Invite special guests
  3. Prepare and send second announcement

6 Months Before the Reunion

Reunion Decor

  1. Plan decorations, displays and centerpieces
  2. Edit personal histories, update address list, continue phone drive
  3. Order t-shirts and banner and other mementos as souvenirs, awards and door prizes

3 Months Before the Reunion


  1. Update address list, edit histories, continue phone/email drive
  2. Get event insurance
  3. Rent a dance floor
  4. Send reminder notices
  5. Start making name tags
  6. Make table centerpieces
  7. Prepare photo collage, signs and door prize coupons
  8. Prepare printed program and oral program including special announcements

1 Month Before the Reunion

  1. Edit personal histories, update address list, continue name tags and phone drive
  2. Send reminder postcards
  3. Select preliminary award winners
  4. Make signs for registration area

2 Weeks Before the Reunion

Final Arrangements

  1. Mail tickets
  2. Verify event attendance, prepare list of paid guests
  3. Confirm logistics with the entertainer, videographer, photographer, balloon
  4. supplier, florists and other vendors
  5. Verify attendance and make accommodations, if necessary, for invited guests
  6. Finalize program announcements and award winners
  7. Verify delivery of donated door prizes
  8. Proof memory album draft or other handout and give artwork to printer

1 Week Before the Reunion

  1. Prepare final list of paid attendees
  2. Prepare registration packets including pre-paid and will call
  3. Make signs for registration tables and contingency plan
  4. Give meal count to caterer and final payment to facility
  5. Verify room set up and equipment arrangements with the banquet manager

The Reunion Event

It’s Reunion Time

  1. Bring reunion day checklist, retrieve supplies at end of reunion
  2. Take a laptop computer with you to your next reunion so you can verify and update the contact information on the spot!  (Don’t forget to get their email address and cell phone number.)


  1. Finalize photo book and send to photographer
  2. Send memory albums and other hand-outs to those who paid but did not attend
  3. Send prepared documents to individual purchasers
  4. Send thank you notes, follow up letters, donations
  5. Close bank account once all checks have cleared
  6. Store reunion supplies in convenient location
  7. The Alumni Association can hold your left over money, to be used for start-up costs of your next class reunion.

Resources and Planning Tools:

Paypal.com – For accepting online payments for tickets.
Eventbrite – Post event on the web and sell tickets online.
TicketLeap.com – Sell tickets to your event online.
Brown Paper Tickets – Ticket buyers pay just $0.99 + 3.5%, including delivery and credit card processing! Post your event for free and experience the power of Brown Paper Tickets!


Organization Tools:
Google Docs – Set up RSVP forms and various financial tracking documents to be shared with planning committee.
Open Office.org – Free document software, similar to MS Office, but free.
Avery Wizard for Microsoft® Office – Requires MS Office – Make invitations, table cards, name badges, signs, address labels, and other printed media for your reunion. Uses your own printer and ink.

If you would rather leave the printing to someone else, there are a few services that can help you. Always check for local printers in your area! They may be able to give you a better price.
Office depot, Staples, and FedEx office allow you to design online or upload your design, and then send your design to the closest location for printing and pickup. Vistaprint and jakprints are online only and will print and ship it to you.

Office Depot
Fedex Office

Photo Uploading/Sharing
Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/
Photobucket – http://photobucket.com/
Instagram – instagram.com
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com
Tumblr – http://www.tumblr.com

We can also upload your reunion photos to our Facebook Page and/or make a gallery on our website if you like. Please contact us for more details.