Reunion Updates 2022

Reunions that we have been made aware of by the organizers of the reunions.

We hope to work with the new administration at Steinmetz to see if they will allow us to sponsor reunions, at the school, as we did in the past. We also would love to plan an all class get together in the near future. Many classmates are missing the picnics and open houses. We will keep everyone updated.

If you do not let us know about your reunion or get-together, we cannot help inform your classmates. Please CONTACT US and let us know about your event/Reunion so we can pass the word!

72 Years
January and June 1950

September 15, 2022, 11 AM to 2:30 PM
Elly’s Pancake House
372 Golf Road, Arlington Heights, IL
June J, 847-825-2043
Ken R, 630-774-1707

January/June 1957

September 17, 2022, Saturday luncheon
Tap House Grill, Palatine, IL
Bob M, Phone, 815-893-4146

60 YEARS (In Planning Stages)
June 1962
Looking to get a 60th reunion started for the Fall. When a date a place is confirmed we will let everyone know…please pass the word

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