Carl Ray Edenhofer, 1/1954

Carl Ray Edenhofer
Carl Ray Edenhofer

In August of 2015, a death notice costing $6000.00 was published in the Chicago Tribune by the family of Carl Ray Edenhofer, (1/1954) and a follow up article was published in the DNAinfo Belmont-Cragin.

It inspired strangers to write notes to the family on how his life story touched them. It also touched many members of the Alumni association. Tucked in his obit is common sense wisdom that he often shared:

”A wall is not put up in one large piece; it is built one brick at a time. In life it should not be one grand gesture but one act of friendship or love at a time. Brick by brick and when you turn around and look back you will see a magnificent wall built with love and friendship.”

We hope you will read the entire Obituary here.

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