Alumni Spotlight: Harry Fullet class 1/1960

Harry Fullett

Harry Fullet, class 1/60
Harry served as Drug Enforcement Administration for 29 yrs, Consultant to government of Singapore for 5 yrs. Administrator/Manager, Certified Substance and Behavioral Counselor with Singapore Ministry of Health for 7 yrs.

He performed DEA -extensive undercover work through US/NY, Illinois, Miami and Panama Republic and then Asia including Thailand, Laos, Indonesia & Malaysia. He earned the US Attorney General’s Award for undercover work vs. Cuban traffickers and the Dept. of Justice Award for undercover work vs. Colombian traffickers. He also worked as Group Supervisor and was promoted to Assistant Special Agent in Charge of entire State of New Mexico.

He also served as a Special Agent in Bangkok, Thailand and Country Attache. He served separate tours in Vientiane, Laos, Singapore & Jakarta, Indonesia. He was the subject of a BBC special & mentioned in 2 books about cocaine trafficking. He served as Consultant-Adviser to Singapore Prisons & Central Narcotics Bureau for 5 years. Harry was the first American citizen hired by Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs -law enforcement community. He taught at Quantico,Va. FBl Academy & Singapore Prisons and Police Academies. He was on a special assignment for 3 months Bahamas.

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