Jan 23 2016

The Passing of the Howard and Charles Padgitt

We didn’t know about these passing of the brothers until a few days ago until we received an email from the family. Howard R. Padgitt was from the class of June 1947. Charles A. Padgitt was from the class of June 1944. Both will be missed dearly. They were brothers.

Below is a brief professional biographies provided by the family.

padgittHoward R. Padgitt was born in Chicago in 1930, and received his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Illinois in 1951, and his M.S. in Physics from Northwestern University in 1955. He also attended courses in Infrared (M.I.T), Optical Design (U. of Rochester), and Optical Data Processing (U. of Michigan).

He was active in optical engineering and lens design between 1951 and 2003. His first professional association was with an infrared division of Raytheon Manufacturing