Spring 2018 Update: Upcoming Reunions

June 1947
October 6, 2018, Saturday
Silver Stallion Restaurant, Des Plaines, IL
Dorothy (Dalbke) Clouston 847-827-1311
Thor Laisy 815-455-3555
Email: moc.l1544819422iamg@154481942292roh1544819422tgnik1544819422iv1544819422

June 1948
June 20, 2018, Wednesday around noon
Jimmy’s Charhouse, Elk Grove Village, IL
Inge (Moeller) Scholz 805-647-1039
Email: moc.l1544819422oa@1e1544819422gniyr1544819422ag1544819422
Audrey (Remus) Turner 630-832-0112

January and June 1953
Planning for September, 2018
Sheraton Four Points Hotel
Irving Park and Mannheim Roads
Contact: Rich Rossi 708-442-9242
Otto Kamptner 847-966-9831
Barbara (Dixon) Campbell at 708-867-7215

Class 1968
September 22, 2018, Saturday 6:00PM-11:30PM
Half Day Brewing Company, Lincolnshire, IL
Stephanie (Derka) Schmidt 847-985-1538
Email: moc.l1544819422iamto1544819422h@94t1544819422dimhc1544819422sjS1544819422
Betty (Childers) Braun 847-202-4470
Email: moc.o1544819422ohay@15448194222805915448194221ytte1544819422b1544819422

Dever School is looking to expand its alumni network and hope to have a meeting in the near future. If you are a graduate of Dever, please e-mail the principal, Jason Major, at ude.s1544819422pc@ro1544819422jamfj1544819422
for further information. Thank you!

St. Pascal class of 1963 is also looking for classmates. Pass the word, contact Larry Swanson
Email: moc.l1544819422oa@sc1544819422lnaws1544819422

If you do not let us know about your reunion or get together, we cannot help inform your classmates.
Planning a reunion? Let us know! We can help you plan and organize your reunion!


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