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Planning a Reunion

1 Year Before the Reunion or Sooner

Get Organized !!

  1. Contact the Alumni Association!!! Use the Contact Us page and select “Reunions” from the drop down menu and let us know that you are planning a reunion. Please include all contact information!
  2. When starting to plan your reunion,make sure that you have contacted all the appropriate class officers to avoid having two different committees planning the same reunion.   (You may laugh, but this happens and it’s not fun when the class to receives invitations with different days for the same reunion).  Always make sure your Class President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer have been all been contacted to avoid such a situation.
  3. Set up committee, collect seed money, begin people search.
    1. Determine who will be the Reunion Chairman.  This person will schedule and facilitate meetings.  They usually will do the public speaking and MC